What kind of work does an engineer do? Explanation of work content and qualifications by type!

When you think of an engineer, you may have a strong image of someone who writes code. However, this is just one aspect of being an engineer, and there are many different types of jobs and areas. In this article, we will explain the types of jobs and job descriptions for those who want to know more about engineers and those who want to become engineers.

Table of contents

  1. What kind of job is an engineer?
  2. type of engineer
  3. Engineer occupation
  4. Is it possible to become an engineer with no experience?
  5. summary

What kind of job is an engineer?

An engineer is simply a person with specialized skills related to engineering. In the present age when the Internet has developed, it is often used as a general term for engineers related to “information technology”, especially information processing and information communication. Today, most services are developed in some way related to IT, and it can be said that IT will continue to be an indispensable occupation for society as a whole.

In addition, engineers tend to have an image of a job reserved for people with a science background, but in the IT industry, where there is a significant shortage of human resources, the number of engineers with a liberal arts background is increasing. Even if you were a liberal arts student when you were a student, there is a great possibility that you can become an IT engineer if you acquire the skills.

Type of engineer

Even if you put it together with an engineer, the width of the work is very wide. They can be broadly categorized according to their role in the company, or broadly according to the areas, they are responsible for.

First, if we classify engineers according to their roles,

  • Research and Development
  • plan
  • Project Management (Project Manager)
  • development
  • Operation and maintenance
  • support

And so on.

It’s easy to understand if you think of the process of introducing and using some kind of system, but the process starts with the purpose of introducing the system and organizing the requirements, actually developing it, and verifying it while operating it. I have. Some people manage those processes, while others work to support operations after the customer introduces them. In this way, there are various roles among engineers according to the aptitude of the person.

Engineering itself can also be categorized on a technical basis. for example,

  • Web engineer
  • open system engineer
  • general-purpose engineer
  • Embedded/control system engineer
  • infrastructure engineer

There is an area called

It is divided in detail, such as those that deal with technologies centered on the Web, those that support systems used in companies or departments, and those that build the foundation (infrastructure) that supports them. Depending on the area they are involved in, the main techniques used and the abilities required will differ.

Engineer occupation

Here is a detailed description of the engineering profession. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of engineers. Find out what kind of job your aspiring engineer most closely resembles.

System Engineer

Systems engineers are responsible for the design and construction of IT systems. The system does not end after it is introduced, but we continue to develop it toward the problems and goals that the customer wants to solve. As a system engineer, it is important to listen to the customer’s requirements, incorporate them into design documents, and collaborate with programmers. Therefore, system engineers are required to have reading comprehension, communication skills, and writing skills. Recommended qualifications include the national qualifications “Basic Information Engineer Examination” and “Applied Information Engineer Examination”.


A programmer is an engineer who specializes in coding. Based on the design document created by the system engineer, we build the program. Therefore, knowledge of programming languages ​​such as Java and Python is required for the system, and the skills to use them are required. Various languages are required, but basically, it is recommended to learn from widely used technologies and languages ​​that are used in the areas you are interested in. Also, once you grasp the process of learning a language, there is the advantage that it becomes easier to learn a new language.

Depending on the size of the company, system engineers and programmers may not be separated, and there are cases where system engineers are in charge of coding as they are.

infrastructure engineer

Infrastructure engineers are responsible for building the foundation (infrastructure) for IT tools such as systems to operate normally. Specifically, the management of servers, networks, databases, etc. will be the main business content. Engineers tend to focus on design, but infrastructure engineers also play an important role. There are related qualifications such as the “Cisco Engineer Certification Examination” and “Linux Engineer Certification”, and it is recommended that you acquire them to show your career.

database engineer

A database engineer is a field that specializes in databases. Specifically, you will be in charge of everything from database design to construction and maintenance. It is necessary to use a specialized language different from programming, and specialized knowledge and skills are required as a database engineer. There are national qualifications such as “Database Specialist” and “ORACLE MASTER”.

network engineer

Network engineering is also a field of infrastructure that requires expertise. All systems are built on a network that guarantees security and communication speed, but we are in charge of maintaining the information communication network for normal data delivery. These functions require skills to cover and manage everything from design and construction to maintenance after the operation. Therefore, comprehensive skills and knowledge about networks are required, and there is a related national qualification “Network Specialist Examination”.

Is it possible to become an engineer with no experience?

Engineers have the image of being a specialized profession, and many people feel that it is a high hurdle to aim for inexperienced people. However, now that the shortage of human resources is becoming conspicuous, it is no exaggeration to say that the door to becoming an engineer is open if the necessary skills are cultivated. It is quite possible to become an engineer even if you have no experience.

To that end, the first step is to understand that the skills, knowledge, and qualifications required of engineers differ depending on the type of job, and then clarify which type of job you are aiming for. Why don’t you try to become an engineer by identifying the abilities and skills necessary for the job you are interested in, and depending on the situation, using a programming school?


The job of an engineer has a variety of occupations depending on the role and area. In today’s IT age, many people want to become engineers and aim for stable jobs. There is a tendency for labor shortages in the industry as a whole, and by learning the necessary skills, it is possible to aim even from inexperienced people, so please take on the challenge.

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