Wix SEO settings! Improve your search rankings and attract more customers

WIx is convenient as an easy-to-use website creation service for startups and others who want to prepare a website quickly without incurring costs . However, while it is free or inexpensive and easy to use, you may be wondering how important it is to attract customers as a website. Even if you go to great lengths to create a website , it is meaningless if there is no opportunity for your target users to see it. It is an important point how far you can respond to SEO .

What is a service that makes use of the know-how of improving the websites of about 500 companies?

Specialists in each genre will handle everything from site creation to attracting customers and then improving the site!

Therefore, this time , we will focus on Wix, which is used by more than 100 million people worldwide, among the website creation services*. *If you read this article, we will introduce how Wix can work on SEO measures, so please refer to it.

What is Wix

*Wix is ​​a service that allows anyone to easily create a website without having technical knowledge of HTML or CSS . *It is supported by many people because it meets the needs of those who want to launch a website and those who want to start website management without spending a lot of money .

Basic knowledge

Wix uses a number of design templates and allows you to proceed with production in simple steps such as drag-and-drop operations and text input. While boasting full mobile support and high functionality of the tool, it can be used for free, so there are many opportunities to see it being used in various scenes in Japan. You can also understand that it is so popular that it is used by more than 100 million people around the world.

Is it just the useful parts?

Not limited to Wix, services that allow you to create a website just by filling in a template have less freedom than building a website with WordPress . For those who don’t have specialized knowledge, you can proceed with the production just by selecting it. *This is not limited to the external parts visible to users, such as design, but also the internal parts of building the site. If you use Wix, you may be wondering how far you can go with SEO .

Is Wix bad for SEO?

Wix is ​​sometimes said to be weak in SEO , but is it really true? I picked up the points that should be confirmed.

Display speed

You may hear that the display speed of the homepage made using Wix is ​​slow. * Page loading speed is a very important factor as it affects search rankings. * Since Wix is ​​designed to display after loading all pages , it may take time to load due to the influence of a large number of pages . However, it works well enough for websites that don’t have a lot of pages . Also, depending on the site creator, you can devise ways to lighten the movement as much as possible. For example, the weight of images is one of the reasons why pages load slowly. Using as light an image as possible may improve speed.

Wix also offers a speed-checking measurement tool, so you can test how long it takes for your site to load and how long it takes to get started. We are also working on development to make the display speed as fast as possible, such as providing a speed improvement technology that can be used for free called Wix Turbo.

Setting up your own domain

If you run a website using a service that allows you to use domains for free, such as Wix , it may be said that there are restrictions on the display of search results . It is said that this is because the display of articles with the same theme is restricted in order to prevent biased search results . From this point of view, it would be more advantageous to use your own domain . *However, this doesn’t mean Wix can’t use custom domains , it just doesn’t allow them on the free plan. *This issue can be resolved by using a paid plan. *If you want to use Wix and aim for the top search results, you should apply for a paid plan and use your own domain . *If you are using a Wix domain and use your own domain from the middle , the evaluation you have accumulated up to that point will be accumulated from the beginning. is.

In the end, it can be said that it depends on the competitor site

Wix is ​​fairly configurable for your SEO needs. *Wix SEO Wiz is a free tool that allows you to check whether you have taken measures without detailed knowledge about SEO , and it will be useful for beginners. *An important factor in determining search rankings is whether your website ranks higher than competing websites . Rather than whether Wix is ​​strong or weak in SEO , it is how far Wix can take SEO measures. However, it is not a site that can be customized freely, so you should choose it if you value a website creation service that allows you to launch a site easily and quickly .

How to set up Wix SEO

Wix is ​​designed to make SEO settings easy even for beginners. If you use Wix, be sure to take advantage of this feature to take SEO measures. The items to be set are introduced below.

Page title and meta description settings

Titles are a very important factor for SEO . Wix provides options for setting the page title and description. Let’s edit ” Title displayed on search engines ” and ” Page description” from SEO ( Google ) in the “Site menu” .

* It is better for SEO to set the alt attribute (alternative text ) to tell the search engine what the image you are setting shows . *Wix also makes it easy to set alt text . If you click the gear mark “Settings” where the image is installed, “Image settings” will be displayed. Let’s set the text that shows the content of the image in the text “Alternative text (for SEO )  displayed there .

It is also possible to set smoothly with SEO Wiz

If you select “Submit to Google ” in ” Marketing ” on the dashboard , it will show whether the title and description have been set when submitting the site to Google . It is convenient because you can set it along the guide if you have not set it.

Determined by SEO competitiveness and purpose of site

In addition to the SEO setting items introduced this time , there are also places where you can devise for advanced users, so Wix is ​​not weak in SEO . Among the website creation services, there are many parts that I feel are easy to use, and it is also excellent in terms of production speed and performance that can be used for free. *For your own domain , you can hedge it by using a paid plan, and it is a good idea to check the competing sites carefully to see if they are in an environment where you can use Wix to compete with SEO . * As a service with excellent design and tools, it will be a force if you use it while assessing the purpose.

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